Life Cycle

In the Woods

I took him down,
a sinking ship,
a crashing plane;
thought I had everything,
a Phoenix rising from 
the ashes in the flames

Made my bed,
I'll sleep in it,
ran with the wolves,
still feeding them,
Little Red Riding Hood
walking through the
woods alone,
curiosity takes you places
you should never go,
out here on my own

Can't make all I done wrong
make the punishment fit the crime,
thought I did my time,
used to wake up screaming
his name in the middle
of the night

Every day the same,
every day I die,
would have come back 
swinging every time,
but I'm losing the fight

Can't get over what
you don't understand,
can't miss what you 
never had; out in the open,
nowhere to go,
in plain sight,
no place to call home.


He made a heart 
that could break,
gave me something to protect
that wasn't mine to take;
it's a cruel joke
living in a man's world,
two minds living
in a body I call
my own

Tell me what to do
with this body of mine,
punishment for the way
I write,
two sides living
a split life
no where to turn;
it's raining fire and brimstone
on the city tonight,
a comedy threatening
to collapse into tragedy
at any time.

Love Letters

The breeze still stings
where you kissed my cheek,
the ground is still warm
where you buried me

Our talks grew shorter
the more we had to say,
promises for tomorrow
fading into yesterdays

I wrote a dozen suicide notes
masquerading as love letters,
stripped down to the bones
pretending I was getting better

Until I slipped through the cracks,
past the point of no return,
without a way back;
nothing remains to burn

Committed my heart to paper,
scrawls becoming scars across the page,
the sun never coming out until later,
promises for a new day

Lonely hearts in jars,
dreams dashed out on the floor,
too far from home to know
who I am anymore

The language of love letters
tied to a death sentence,
words strung together
with casual indifference

a world too blind to see
what holds me together
ties you to me,
the way you would 
watch me fall asleep
until the only word 
I can cry is: safety,

The only place where
I lay my head at night
with secrets too deep to confide,
the world too big,
the lights too bright
for someone like me to hide

Limping home after kicking too hard,
broken bones after falling too far,
pure black fading into the perfect hue,
every inch of my body colored
in the deepest shade of indigo blue

Love letters embedded in fine ink
on my skin of lessons learned
and the life I've lived, 
a whole galaxy 
within a single 


Reeled me in
with his movie-
star good looks,
turned my life
black and white
a silent film

Tones me down,
removes the color,
takes my breath away,
holds me down,
mutes the sound,
gets me through
the day

A remedy for the impurity
stuck within my soul;
plagued by a world too loud,
he shuts the voices out
when I don't which
way to go.


The memories come in so fast
crashing in on me, 
replaying back,
pulling me in with the riptide,
a pirate flag waves in the wind,
there's treachery on the sea

It's a crowded room
with people I've never seen,
objects in motion waiting
for time to freeze;
couple's dance, faces pass,
we're sneaking out the back

He's a renaissance man
with the Midas touch,
everything turns to gold
in his hand; I'm trying
to be the flame, 
not the moth, but 
he's all bite and
no bark

He's driving slow
taking me home,
one hand on my knee,
walks me up to the door,
I'm standing on tiptoe
to kiss him in the dark,
heels have never been
my thing; he's a gentleman
with ideas from another
century, left me standing
there in my skin-tight

Showed his true face
from the first day; 
it's a new age, 
things will never be the same;
made me a believer,
taught me a language I 
couldn't speak, tore
right through me like
the holes in my jeans

Leaves the room
just to see if I'll follow,
and you know I will; 
waits for me to catch him 
just to tell me to 
hold still...

and you know I will

I'm paying the price
for every woman alive
who killed a man
they couldn't revive,
Ophelia floating on
the riptide

He'll hold me under
until I'm begging
on my knees to hear
those precious words:
you'll never find someone like me

and you know I won't;
I used to wear the crown,
but now I'm the goat

Sharks in the water,
all out for blood, but
he's the only one; I'll
drown before I let 
anyone else take me home

He'll take his time
with the slow burn
until I lose my mind
or get pulled under
with the riptide.


Moving through mountains of conviction, 
heaven's mission needed persistence; 
with the face of an angel, 
how could I resist him?

Fire in my veins, 
a flaming arrow falling down from the sky,
the spark in my soul 
ignited by the glint in his eye

He looked so pretty
like a devil in blue,
his smile could Rome,
when I first saw him standing there,
knew I had to get him home

Want him in all the wrong ways,
waiting for the right time and place,
when he tells me he wants to go
someplace we've never been before

Pinned him that night
when he gave me the look,
now his hands are on my side,
he kisses by the book,
fingers moving to my spine,
arms above my head

I think I pinned him right 
'cause he's just my type;
quiets the world until I forget 
it exists; nothing else matters 
when we're together like this.


Close enough to almost touch,
too many sleepless nights
in the forest after dark
gazing up at the sky
through a space in the trees,
a canopy,
shading in the lines 
where my scars
are written in the stars

Drowning in a pool
of tears,
found a place,
my fears can't 
touch me here.


Going to build a castle
on all the ruins they
left me in, a new
religion for everything
I stand against

Sadistic worship
paying more than
lip service, I'll take
the pleasure with
my pain

True love is exceptional,
two or three times 
a century,
they say,
free falling through 
the stratosphere,
elements colliding
in my headspace,
the catalyst 
a driving force,
a Titan,
a godsend 
falling from heaven
with a message:

He amuses her,
she is in love,
he is pure
and she is sure
this is nature's 

Inspiration takes
a toll, every
pearl starts out
as a grain of sand
on the shore, 
an exacting price
for your soul;
nothing in the 
world is worth

Best Friend

Standing right behind me,
whispering in my ear,
long black hair falling over her shoulder,
telling me everything I wanted to hear;
she was everything I wanted to be,
she was perfect,
all bones, no claws,
the sweetest voice I ever heard,
walked next to me down the halls,
met me in the bathroom after lunch,
always kept her word;
all the other girls only knew
that when they asked, I already
had something to do

She knew everything I was hiding,
red lines between a gap in my thighs,
her dark eyes looked a lot like mine,
took everything I threw at her without complaint,
sneaking in my room every night
when the numbers kept me awake,
we counted together, up and down both sides,
her hands, my ribs, her fingers, my wrist

Counted through every set, every rep
all night in my bed until the only
color left we could see was red;
gone in the morning,
but she always stayed,
she stays,she's
my best friend.


It was over before
I knew something
had started,
bullet wound through
the chest, left me
curled up on the bed,
all the voices in my head,
bleeding through a
a white dress

Never saw through
all the charm,
had me backed
up against a wall,
fed me lines,
played with my mind,
led me on,
then let me fall;
it was my first time

Your word was law,
dazzled by design,
those lips could
never lie,
you caught me unarmed

I should have
known better;
now every time
I hear that song,
I go back to 

It was my fault,
a fatal mistake,
didn't recognize
the sound of heart break;
it was never yours
to take

Gave you my soul,
slept in the cold
with the wolves,
you didn't even know

You lived in the light,
I come from the shadows,
needed the life line 
I saw you throw

This is my life,
my world was hidden,
there was no key,
you were already in it,
had me eating out 
of the palm of 
your hand, a stranger
familiar with my 
own land

There were high seas
and high adventure,
tall tales and
new endeavors,
the waves always
pull me back to 

Couldn't sleep,
didn't eat,
you were all
I could see,
coming in clutch
right before you 
leave; no forever,
only together, 
a mind locked 
in September.

Crimes of Passion

Little birdies talking,
heard them chirping in the trees,
singing him praises,
throwing stones at me.

Talk of the whole town
painting me red; only
one question: was it
time well-spent?

Waited until I was sleeping
to put a gun to my head,
caught me off guard,
left me for dead,
and bleeding.

An enemy's enemy becomes your friend...

He put the knife in my hand,
tore the rib from his side,
licked the blood from my lips,
his fingerprints the only evidence
indented on my thighs.

Two lives, one night
forever intertwined.


Someone call crowd control,
this man is on beast mode;
takes up the whole stage,
an impossible act to follow

Has me on green
when he does his thing,
screaming his name
when he goes extreme

I'm at his mercy,
crawling on my knees,
killing me with
those black tees;
if love is confession,
he's my priest,
begging for
after stealing
from his tree

His garden is Eden,
sipped the wine
straight from his cup,
heaven on Earth,
I'm never leaving

He's a life source,
an icon for the ages,
my daily bread, 
divine inspiration

If there's a line,
you know I'll walk it,
toes in the sand,
no hesitation,
leads me straight into

I cannot fight,
a sweet surrender,
the hunt is over,
I found the treasure,
slow burning through