Love Play

It’s peace after war,
the clean up after
a storm,
new tallies on
the board,
forgetting how quiet
it all seemed before

When we’re here,
I don’t want to leave,
reaching for the same arms
that have both hugged
and hurt me

Fingers intertwined,
lips holding back lies,
passing the blame game
in the middle of our
love play

Cards out on the bed,
going neck-to-neck,
hands tied,
promises of this
is the last time

Our eyes meet
and our hearts bleed,
the stains of the past
on white sheets

Longing and loss,
a beautiful pain,
misfired shots in
a dangerous game,
right in the middle
of our love play

Famous Last Words

Every now and then,
I wonder what it would
be like to see you again;
sometimes all I do
is think about you,
what you’ve been doing,
is anything new?

It’s been a while
since I’ve seen
your face light up,
I’m doing fine,
feeling a little stuck,
missing you more than
a summer night

When you’re on my mind,
the words stick to the
tip of my tongue,
it sounds so good
in my head,
but it always
comes out wrong

I never know what
to say;
famous last words:
I hope you’re
doing okay;
who knows that I won’t
run into again someday.

Mint Condition

We spent all summer
exchanging pennies for wishes,
until he imprinted on me
a new heart in mint condition,
the rhythm of every beat
falling together in sync,
pressed for time
and in no hurry to leave,
letting the freedom
of our minds change
at the drop of a dime
without a care,
collecting memories like coins,
priceless and rare.


I see you in my dreams
and wake up to you
the way spring comes alive
after a winter freeze;
there’s no gravity in the room
and I find it hard to breathe,
suspended in time
between two places
in a familiar room
with unfamiliar sensations,
a voice in the dark
pulling me back to sleep,
still worlds apart,
convince myself in the morning
it was all a dream,
only to rediscover
you’re right next to me.


A ribbon tied around my finger,
a satin threaded reminder
that my hands have not
held all the things they could,
that my lips have not
said all the right words;
these hands have hurt
and these lips have lied,
and there’s a satin ribbon tied
around my finger to remind me
that last time I cried
because I broke a heart first.

The Highest Shelf

He makes me happy
is such a simple thing to say,
people come and go,
but he’s been the one to stay
when the mask falls
and I’m still the same,
no closer to knowing
who I want to be
than I was yesterday

Getting to know someone
and seeing who they are
makes most people run,
but he’s never been far,
keeping the smile on
my face there,
leaving a broken heart
to itself,
in a jar on the highest
shelf, out of reach
for safe keeping,
and him the only
one understanding
it takes more
than time for healing.

Silver Linings

I’ve been looking
for you without
knowing where
to start,
looking at maps
and in the stars
to find where
you are,
staring so closely
at my own reflection,
it’s blinding,
and seeing you
on the edge
of some clouds
as a silver lining

More than I Mind

The world spins
too fast,
time has slipped away,
holding pieces of you
between my hands,
and I still feel
the same about you,
the poetry I need
to console me
to sleep through
restless dreams
when I can’t
sleep at night;
the distance between us
when I wake up
makes me miss you
more than I mind.

Joy Ride

You took me
for a joy ride,
took a chance,
risked a life;
I’m getting whip lash
from colliding
with the past,
a crash dummy
in all of your
setting off
a head-on
with no room
for revision,
and dented,
a marred aesthetic,
no chance to
correct this,
the definition
of an accident,
and you,
the driver.