Christmas Fantasy

Tie me with a bow
and have me as a gift,
say you'll put me
at the top 
of your Christmas list

Pull my string
until they
come undone,
unwrap me
with your hands,
spend the night 
with me
by the fire,
so this Christmas
I won't be alone

Dance with me
in a snow globe,
stay warm with me
spinning in circles
while it snows,
your hands in mine

Hold me tight 
like a teddy bear
without thinking 
of letting go,
don't wait until midnight
to kiss me 
under the mistletoe

So tie me with a bow,
and have me as a gift,
kiss me by the tree,
close your eyes 
and make a wish
to have a 
Christmas fantasy

Funny Thing

You used to laugh at all my jokes,
kiss me on my nose,
say you never wanted nothing more,
looked at me and said I'm all you'd ever need;
you got down on one knee,
and I couldn't breathe,
I didn't quite know what to say;
by then it was too late,
you sealed me with a new fate,
before walking away and changing your mind on me;
something strange happened, we lost all the magic
when you pulled the rug out from beneath my feet

Left me standing in a white dress
like you couldn't care less
that you said I'm the girl from your dreams,
so I guess love is just another funny thing

Stared at you with stars in my eyes,
showed you my scars when I cried,
shared all the things I wanted to hide;
never attached any strings, gave you everything,
while you took what's left of me,
so I guess love is just another funny thing

Now I fall to pieces whenever you're near,
kicked me out like a stray cat that doesn't belong here,
and maybe I deserved that,
but I never asked you for anything,
didn't want your diamond in my ring,
so I guess love is just another funny thing.

Love Speaks

Love's language
unfolds in pulsating stages
wrapped in frantic heartbeats,
in lips locked tight
and downward eyes,
this is how
love speaks

Love's language
comes in silent phrases
and blushes across the cheek,
in smiles candid
and sideways glances,
this is how
love speaks

Love's language
arrives confused and dazed
and voices whispering sweet,
in words unsaid
and words undressed,
this is how
love speaks

Love's language 
turns with the moon's phases,
and promises secrets to keep,
during quiet spells
and through untimely Hells,
this is how
love speaks

Love's language
passes through years without changes
and stays its course through weeks,
in mouths unsatisfied
by their own sighs,
this is how
love speaks.


We were driving
through Connecticut,
snow was falling down,
headed to our cabin
to get away from
this town

We were laughing 
in the car
over something you said,
sang our favorite songs
as you slipped a hand
on my leg

Winter always comes
with memories
and a chill,
the ache in my bones 
telling me how much
I love you still

Two figures skating
across the ice
in my mind,
a picture of us
frozen in time

We pulled in 
through the trees,
opened the door,
you read me poems
by the fire
in that voice 
I adore

We talked 
most of the night
about nothing at all,
fell asleep by your side,
and you carried me 
down the hall

Winter always comes 
with memories
and a chill,
the ache in my bones
telling me how much
I miss you still

Two figures skating,
until we fell 
through the ice,
a picture of you
still frozen 
in my mind

Dressed all in black,
I drive there alone,
see it all playing back,
smell the scent of
your cologne

The logs you cut
are still stacked
by the door,
the book we read
laying open on the floor

Winter always comes
with memories 
and a chill,
the ache in my bone
telling me how much
I love him,
how much I always will.

My Words

I trust him
with more than
my life, I trust
him with my
words; he has
all of them:
every expletive
and deletion.
each sentence 
I write,
which letters
I revise,
the ones 
I erase
and the ones
I black out
to hide,
the ones that
stay, and especially,
the ones
that bind.

I Know This Part

It's been a long
time coming,
and we're finally
here, looking at
the last pages
coming undone,
watching memories
of us replay
like old TV show

The bed is unmade,
there's coffee 
left to drink,
trying like hell
to get through the day
without stopping
to think

It never mattered
who you are,
only matters who I am,
swore I loved them all,
but nobody hits
the way you can

Never believed
you'd be the same,
but I forget 
who they are,
and still remember
your name,
the first time
I said it,
the air turned
to magic,
like kids again
the way that 
it happened

And I don't know why
the tears won't come
when I finally
have a reason
to cry; I guess
it's because I
know this part
the best, 
how to leave
when it's time
for goodbye

So I'm still
rolling with the punches,
turning black and blue;
if goodbye is goodbye,
why can't I walk away
from you?


Waking up
to a forgotten
dream, the words
slipping away,
fighting to remember
what she has seen,
what she always
wanted to say

A whisper 
meant to be
his mouth over hers,
breathing in each other
until it hurt

Needing space
to breathe,
and letting him go,
watching him leave,
then reopening the 

He went too fast,
she slowed down;
he hit the brakes,
she turned them around

History was written,
never meant for the
page, he always listened,
she never looked away;
an invisible story 
in the margins 
and left over
white space.

Love in Silence

We did not love
loudly at first,
chance having conspired
against us
and handing out
parts we did not
settling into
the silence
next to each other
on a park bench
with casual

for a hiatus
and the sound
of cicadas
in the trees
to break up
the stillness
resting between
you and me
while we were
slowly swept away
in small degrees
by the simplicity
of it all,
four-word sentences
carrying us into
the Fall

We grew 
from out of
this silence,
creating for ourselves
an oasis different
from anything else,
having not loved
loudly at first,
but starting
at the end,
and working
our way
until even the cicadas
couldn't be heard
over the joy
in our laughter.

Loving Me

I asked if
you loved me
before I knew
what I wanted
you to say;
if you said
yes, I probably
wouldn't stay;
if the answer
was no, then
I'd have nowhere
to go, but nobody
asked you
because I don't 
really want to 
know either