Fog Horns

Gliding through
a field of ice,
hands too frozen
to climb,
a beautiful mess
of a shipwreck,
diving through
to the parts
that still
make sense,
all the pieces 
spell out your name,
but what I wouldn't 
give to see your face

The reflection
in the water
enough to pull
me under,
wound around you
tighter than
a spring,
the only life line
keeping me
from floating
out to sea

It gets harder
to remember
what I've
already memorized,
gave them a smile,
but saved you
my eyes,
digging through
the debris
to find what's
left of me
because I get 
lost in your
look, now you're 
all I can see

Too deeply involved
to ever get out,
but the ocean
deadens sound

If I go down,
then we go down
together, because
I remember 
what you said
when the horns
were blowing,
push through 
the storm,
until it gets 
better, and then
keep going.

Days of the Week

On Sunday, we do nothing
with no time to lose;
Monday I chase away
your blues;
By Tuesday, I'm drunk
on the pain of missing
you; I don't want to talk
about Wednesdays
too soon; Now,
I know on Thursday
you've got something
to do, and Friday
I wait by the mailbox
for you, so Saturday
is always something


He's seen me
at my worst,
knows me better
than any book,
dragged me
speechless when he
gives me that

We were always
catching each other
out the door,
never saw him
I crashed right
through the floor,
yes, no, and maybes,
and have I seen 
you here before

Images waiting on words
with nothing left
to say,
we were staring
at each other,
blank looks on
our face,
unreadable expressions,
we couldn't turn

A landscape of
when the words
won't come,
an infinity
when the limits
of love are


Saying goodbye
has only broken
my heart about
a dozen times
so I started
saying goodnight

Let's do it again
turned into asking
for one more time,
begging for another

He was teaching 
me how to fly,
I was learning
how to cry

I remember
waking up
taking off,
wondering if
I could have
ever held him

Neon Lights

This is how 
an angel cries,
walking home
under neon lights,
on the corner,
a man screams
into his phone,
whatever it takes,
just bring her

Frost on 
all the windows,
shops closing up
for the night,
still a long way 
to go,
but she's not
going home

This is how
an angel cries,
walking home
under neon lights,
on the corner,
a girl in 
all the wrong clothes
screams into her phone,
please pick me up
and take me 

And it's 
a travelled road
if you've been here
all the freedom
in the world
with no place
to go,
running until you
run out of 

This is…

His face
between my hands,
asking for one more
hoping this night
won't end

Wandering through
a reverie,
absorbed by
the revelry,
lost in his eyes
the room turns
as we spin

The park
at dusk,
his arm,
my touch,
the song
in my soul,
the way breathing
comes so natural

in solitude 
and peace,
my heart,
his sleeve,
dazed by 
the memories

Lamps lit
by one spark,
at home
before dark,
long drives
and small talk,
daylight fading
into night stars

Dandelion wishes
around bonfires,
kissing in the kitchen
and long-held desires,
the truth comes out
between my lips,
I am in love,
that's what
this is... 


Staring into
a black abyss,
scared to fall,
still jumping in,
never thought
to dream of
feel him move
when gravity 

He was the 
one exception,
standing on
a precipice,
every bone 
in my body
trying to 
hold back
the wind

Unraveling threads
from the web
I weaved,
walking along
the edge
on the Cliffs
of Insanity

Hiding behind
pretty words
with a face
that would
terrify the

Smothered the flames
of infatuation,
took the journey
before I had
a destination

every thought,
every memory
from my mind
an alternate 

Hanging off
the side 
of a precipice,
feel the rock
right through
my fingertips. 


Sleepy eyes looking
for yours in a crowded 
making the most
out of what we've been
reaching for low hanging

back-to-back, then
in each other's faces,
but we're still standing,
your name right 
next to mine,
if the walls could talk
and the hills had eyes

hearts still still breaking,
cracking under the strain,
hearts worth saving
while we remain the same;
new towns, new places,
a familiar refrain:
when everything changes,
we remain the same.


Everything has changed,
even though my hands
still shake,
remember it all
like it was yesterday

no ceiling to stop us,
flying limitless,
needing space to breathe
so we wouldn't suffocate,
memories washed away
with the rain

Explosive emotions
ready to detonate;
every second in heaven
a lifetime on Earth;
ordinary words leaving
scars where they burned
branded on my naked

the games we played 
and the high we chased:
falling fast, falling hard,
falling too late

Quelling a desert thirst,
an endless search
to remain as this
when all we've ever known
was limitless.