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Fog Horns

Gliding through a field of ice, hands too frozen to climb, a beautiful mess of a shipwreck, diving through confusion to the parts that still make sense, all the pieces spell out your name, but what I wouldn’t give to see your face The reflection in the water enough to pull me under, wound around … Continue reading Fog Horns

Over and Over

I fall in love with him over and over again everyday It’s not a choice I make, it’s the way I’m made My love would have killed a weaker man.

Days of the Week

On Sunday, we do nothing with no time to lose; Monday I chase away your blues; By Tuesday, I’m drunk on the pain of missing you; I don’t want to talk about Wednesdays too soon; Now, I know on Thursday you’ve got something to do, and Friday I wait by the mailbox for you, so … Continue reading Days of the Week

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