I see your reflection
in every snowflake
that falls,
reminded every Christmas
I still remember it all

We went skating
at Millennium Park,
going around in circles,
until it finally got dark

We were drinking
hot cocoa
in an ice castle
wishing this night
would never end,
glowing lights
twinkling magical,
how hard you grabbed
my hand

and then you
kissed me,
right out in the open air,
the way that
you kissed me,
in front of everyone there

Took the air
right from my lungs,
can’t unsing a song
that’s been sung,
still see your face
when it snows,
remember how
the story goes
the way you clung
to my lips
like frost
on a window

Every year I
blow out my candles
and make a birthday wish
remember how it felt
so magical the way that
you kissed,
ever December,
another year older
and less over you
than ever,
forced to remember
the way that you
kissed me
in front of everyone
the way that you
kissed me
like you didn’t even care

Even though
kissed me
December still
gets so lonely,
still feel your
hands on my face, how I
didn’t even get
a piece of my own
stupid birthday cake,
still only see you
whenever it’s snowing,
your reflection
in every damn snowflake
still clinging to my lips

Every December
I remember you
before I make
a wish.