Funny Thing

You used to laugh at all my jokes,
kiss me on my nose,
say you never wanted nothing more,
looked at me and said I’m all you’d ever need;
you got down on one knee,
and I couldn’t breathe,
I didn’t quite know what to say;
by then it was too late,
you sealed me with a new fate,
before walking away and changing your mind on me;
something strange happened, we lost all the magic
when you pulled the rug out from beneath my feet

Left me standing in a white dress
like you couldn’t care less
that you said I’m the girl from your dreams,
so I guess love is just another funny thing

Stared at you with stars in my eyes,
showed you my scars when I cried,
shared all the things I wanted to hide;
never attached any strings, gave you everything,
while you took what’s left of me,
so I guess love is just another funny thing

Now I fall to pieces whenever you’re near,
kicked me out like a stray cat that doesn’t belong here,
and maybe I deserved that,
but I never asked you for anything,
didn’t want your diamond in my ring,
so I guess love is just another funny thing.