I Know This Part

It's been a long
time coming,
and we're finally
here, looking at
the last pages
coming undone,
watching memories
of us replay
like old TV show

The bed is unmade,
there's coffee 
left to drink,
trying like hell
to get through the day
without stopping
to think

It never mattered
who you are,
only matters who I am,
swore I loved them all,
but nobody hits
the way you can

Never believed
you'd be the same,
but I forget 
who they are,
and still remember
your name,
the first time
I said it,
the air turned
to magic,
like kids again
the way that 
it happened

And I don't know why
the tears won't come
when I finally
have a reason
to cry; I guess
it's because I
know this part
the best, 
how to leave
when it's time
for goodbye

So I'm still
rolling with the punches,
turning black and blue;
if goodbye is goodbye,
why can't I walk away
from you?