Fog Horns

Gliding through
a field of ice,
hands too frozen
to climb,
a beautiful mess
of a shipwreck,
diving through
to the parts
that still
make sense,
all the pieces 
spell out your name,
but what I wouldn't 
give to see your face

The reflection
in the water
enough to pull
me under,
wound around you
tighter than
a spring,
the only life line
keeping me
from floating
out to sea

It gets harder
to remember
what I've
already memorized,
gave them a smile,
but saved you
my eyes,
digging through
the debris
to find what's
left of me
because I get 
lost in your
look, now you're 
all I can see

Too deeply involved
to ever get out,
but the ocean
deadens sound

If I go down,
then we go down
together, because
I remember 
what you said
when the horns
were blowing,
push through 
the storm,
until it gets 
better, and then
keep going.