The memories come in so fast
crashing in on me, 
replaying back,
pulling me in with the riptide,
a pirate flag waves in the wind,
there's treachery on the sea

It's a crowded room
with people I've never seen,
objects in motion waiting
for time to freeze;
couple's dance, faces pass,
we're sneaking out the back

He's a renaissance man
with the Midas touch,
everything turns to gold
in his hand; I'm trying
to be the flame, 
not the moth, but 
he's all bite and
no bark

He's driving slow
taking me home,
one hand on my knee,
walks me up to the door,
I'm standing on tiptoe
to kiss him in the dark,
heels have never been
my thing; he's a gentleman
with ideas from another
century, left me standing
there in my skin-tight

Showed his true face
from the first day; 
it's a new age, 
things will never be the same;
made me a believer,
taught me a language I 
couldn't speak, tore
right through me like
the holes in my jeans

Leaves the room
just to see if I'll follow,
and you know I will; 
waits for me to catch him 
just to tell me to 
hold still...

and you know I will

I'm paying the price
for every woman alive
who killed a man
they couldn't revive,
Ophelia floating on
the riptide

He'll hold me under
until I'm begging
on my knees to hear
those precious words:
you'll never find someone like me

and you know I won't;
I used to wear the crown,
but now I'm the goat

Sharks in the water,
all out for blood, but
he's the only one; I'll
drown before I let 
anyone else take me home

He'll take his time
with the slow burn
until I lose my mind
or get pulled under
with the riptide.

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