Moving through mountains of conviction,
heaven’s mission needed persistence;
with the face of an angel,
how could I resist him?

Fire in my veins,
a flaming arrow falling down from the sky,
the spark in my soul
ignited by the glint in his eye

He looked so pretty
like a devil in blue,
his smile could Rome,
when I first saw him standing there,
knew I had to get him home

Want him in all the wrong ways,
waiting for the right time and place,
when he tells me he wants to go
someplace we’ve never been before

Pinned him that night
when he gave me the look,
now his hands are on my side,
he kisses by the book,
fingers moving to my spine,
arms above my head

I think I pinned him right
’cause he’s just my type;
quiets the world until I forget
it exists; nothing else matters
when we’re together like this.

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