Best Friend

Standing right behind me,
whispering in my ear,
long black hair falling over her shoulder,
telling me everything I wanted to hear;
she was everything I wanted to be,
she was perfect,
all bones, no claws,
the sweetest voice I ever heard,
walked next to me down the halls,
met me in the bathroom after lunch,
always kept her word;
all the other girls only knew
that when they asked, I already
had something to do

She knew everything I was hiding,
red lines between a gap in my thighs,
her dark eyes looked a lot like mine,
took everything I threw at her without complaint,
sneaking in my room every night
when the numbers kept me awake,
we counted together, up and down both sides,
her hands, my ribs, her fingers, my wrist

Counted through every set, every rep
all night in my bed until the only
color left we could see was red;
gone in the morning,
but she always stayed,
she stays,she's
my best friend.