It was over before
I knew something
had started,
bullet wound through
the chest, left me
curled up on the bed,
all the voices in my head,
bleeding through a
a white dress

Never saw through
all the charm,
had me backed
up against a wall,
fed me lines,
played with my mind,
led me on,
then let me fall;
it was my first time

Your word was law,
dazzled by design,
those lips could
never lie,
you caught me unarmed

I should have
known better;
now every time
I hear that song,
I go back to 

It was my fault,
a fatal mistake,
didn't recognize
the sound of heart break;
it was never yours
to take

Gave you my soul,
slept in the cold
with the wolves,
you didn't even know

You lived in the light,
I come from the shadows,
needed the life line 
I saw you throw

This is my life,
my world was hidden,
there was no key,
you were already in it,
had me eating out 
of the palm of 
your hand, a stranger
familiar with my 
own land

There were high seas
and high adventure,
tall tales and
new endeavors,
the waves always
pull me back to 

Couldn't sleep,
didn't eat,
you were all
I could see,
coming in clutch
right before you 
leave; no forever,
only together, 
a mind locked 
in September.