Someone call crowd control,
this man is on beast mode;
takes up the whole stage,
an impossible act to follow

Has me on green
when he does his thing,
screaming his name
when he goes extreme

I'm at his mercy,
crawling on my knees,
killing me with
those black tees;
if love is confession,
he's my priest,
begging for
after stealing
from his tree

His garden is Eden,
sipped the wine
straight from his cup,
heaven on Earth,
I'm never leaving

He's a life source,
an icon for the ages,
my daily bread, 
divine inspiration

If there's a line,
you know I'll walk it,
toes in the sand,
no hesitation,
leads me straight into

I cannot fight,
a sweet surrender,
the hunt is over,
I found the treasure,
slow burning through