Following a corridor through
the labyrinthine interior
of dreams waiting for the 
truth to fall from Mnemosyne's
lips, an incorrigible devotee
hiding behind unassailable defenses;
a hall of mirrors reflecting 
back a consummate obsession,
the dark side of heaven's sighs;
a quest for the holy grail, 
a pocket compass, the golden key,
down moss-beaten paths with
unmarked trails leading to 
a door in the back where a
wizard hides holding the
answers to the secret
to life.

There are none,
only this:

a rat in a cage,
an attraction called 
the Muse's maze, one 
way in, no way out, 
ghosts with forgotten names
recalled from the past, ever
reaching, ever striving for
something nobody has ever
seen, held hostage by grace
in paradise.