New Love

Saw a pair of shoes
that looked like mine
hanging by their strings
from a power line;
another day, another sign

he found me when I glimmered,
now I shine

he's a ride-or-die
save your life, kill you
with his kryptonite
type of guy

caught him worse than any addiction,
he knows me better than text prediction
could never find someone to trust,
he's the only one, my first love
spending time, a record high,
laughing 'til our sides hurt

first thing in the morning,
he's on my mind, wakes me
up with the sunrise; I've
never been the weak kind,
but when we're alone, I
come undone, fall to pieces
when he's around, rolling with
the blushes when they come

Nothing in the world
like the first time,
like the first one,
a new love.

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