All the stars saw us
the night we drove
out of town to get
away from what we
had to face, our lives
mapped along the lines of a 
constellation; we were
laying on a plaid blanket,
your back facing me, I rested
on your cheek when you said
what I can never forget, I'll
never forget.

Left me with a mirage
shimmering in the heat,
a pool of water and palm trees,
an oasis I'll never reach;
ripped the veil from my face,
still begged you to stay,
forever branded your name,
gave more than I could take

The straw that broke
this camel's back, air
too hot to breathe,
dreams pouring through
an hourglass sieve, forced
to watch you leave; now
I'm wandering through
these pathless dunes, dying
of thirst in a desert without you.

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